OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Guy Parsons
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You didn't quite catch that......

Alumna Gorp wrote:

What under exposer ?

Posted samples above, if anything the OMD is fine.

Your E-M5 1/160 shot that relied on flash alone was underexposed compared to the 1/30 shot which obviously was aided by ambient light.

Bad subject that doesn't tell us much except that TTL flash exposure on E-M5 (and all the Pens) does underexpose.

If you are happy with that underexposure and think that it is normal, then why try and tell the everyone who sees/proves the flash underexposure that they are wrong?

I could be like my friend above and repeat 100 times, Oly TTL flash underexposes.

But I like to save the Internet for more useful things.

Regards..... Guy

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