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Re: Spring Flowers

19andrew47 wrote:

For the second I like the main point of interest but find the second flower in the background a bit distracting.  In the third there is a lot going on thus the main point of interest losses some prominence.  This is all very personal as to what appeals to one person and not another so I wouldn't pay much attention to these comments.  For me the first is way more appealing as presented.  Others may have different views and I don't claim to have any expertise whatsoever in these matters, only in what I like.  Often when shopping for art or antiques I get asked what I am looking for and my answer is always I'll let you know when I find it!

Anyway, there you have it.


Thanks again.. I always appreciate reading what other think about my composition and execution. In reply let me say that I often attempt to find multiple objects or “echo” forms such as the other flower in the background of the second picture. I probably use this devise too much and in this case probably should have lowered its value as it seems a little bright and distracts from the subject flower more than I would like. I usually try to provide some separation between the subject and its echo but here I attempted to use focus as that separator. Similarly with the third, but here I was attempting to provide a sea of purple behind the subject. Single isolated subjects like the first are often appealing but I like to try to expand my composition in other directions – not always original but maybe a stretch for me.... Thanks for your comments which are not wrong … and my response which is not right, as you say much of this is subjective and often just a search for an audience that sees the world as we do or at least says … “well maybe.” ...............  And thanks again for your considered response and again my original rely was in complete jest...

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