how does the 16-50 PZ lens compare to the 18-55 kit lens on the NEX 5N specifically?

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Re: how does the 16-50 PZ lens compare to the 18-55 kit lens on the NEX 5N specifically?

Rickj23 wrote:

In some aspects, you are right ... in others, you might have not had a same chance to try both lenses side by side. The pictures I took in dimly lighten coffee shop [20+ pics. with each lens] were generally taken with 1/10-1/30 sec and 3200 ASA .. Aperture preference and centre spot focus. Both cameras were sitting on mini tripods and shots were taken using IR shutter release.

I have 6 Nikon cameras, so I have purchased the NEX 7 with standard SEL1855 initially to use with my old Nikkor manual lenses. A few months back, I have sold my NEX 7 and instead purchased the NEX 5R with SEL1855 and subsequently [very cheaply at £225.00], I have purchased two NEX 5N twin lens kit cameras, from the Comet hypermarket that was going under.  So, now I have aside of 13 Nikkor lenses ... as well 3 off SEL1855 and two SEL16/f2.8 lenses.

In UK, most camera sellers allow the equipment buyer to return the purchased goods within 10 days for a full refund and exchange the goods within the 28 days period.

I was so disappointed with the SEL1650PZ ... that 24 hrs ownership was sufficient to help me to make my mind up.  And yes, all my Sony E lenses and NEX cameras have the latest Feb 2013 updated firmware ... and yes, my NEX 5R has "all" Play Memories Apps downloaded and installed .... and I'm using the Galaxy Note II and / 3 of my Xooms as the remote monitors / shutters when appropriate.

Coming back to SEL1650PZ ... I did use it in which ever way ... and did find it less useful [and in many ways too fiddly to use] than SEL1855.  I do realise that Sony E lenses are made to price and just as Nikon has recently moved some of their manufacturing facilities from Thailand to Laos, Sony is no doubt looking for a way to reduce the costs as well.  After all, the SEL1855 lens supplied with the NEX 7 was made in Japan ... and the general feel of the lens and the image quality through the range was considerably different from the lenses [made in Thailand], that were supplied with NEX 5N/5R.

Someone has mentioned on this forum, that SEL1650PZ was designed for NEX 6 and not the NEX 3N as I have mentioned earlier, as the SEL1650PZ came out 3 months earlier prior to release of NEX 3N.  Somehow missing the point, that I was trying to make.  Sony is shifting lot of manufacturing to Philippines and Vietnam  .... and the new low cost line-up of NEX 3 and NEX 5 cameras that will hit the market before Christmas 2013 will be much smaller than the current NEX 5R in order to compete with Panasonic and Olympus 4/3 sensor cameras. I bet when the NEX 7 replacement comes out in May / June this year, it will come out with a completely different standard lens and ... this lens will become a standard lens for the NEX 6 camera replacement as well. The NEX 6 has some serious flaws e.g. non touch screen, restricted articulation of touch screen due to the location of EVF etc. I really could nor see the reason for fixed EVF in NEX 6, when for a little more money, the EVF could have been articulated, hen much more useful for macro photography. As well, the NEX 6 flash light with GN6 [in contrast with GN12 on flash supplied with NEX 5R/N], was rather pointless.  Hence, as with NEX 6, I feel that SEL1650PZ is a similar halfway house effort. Sony have brought out this lens, for the sake of bringing out something new, not necessarily "something better".

I am not sure what ISO 3200 and 1/10th sec prove in a dimly lit coffeeshop. Poor result and subject blur?

Lens manufacturing has little to do with the design. Perhaps QA, but even that should not matter, based on design and test principles.

The two lenses are quite different in size, and therefore the optical behavior is (noticeably) different.

The 1855 needs little SW correction and the 1650 needs a lot.

At the extremes, <18mm and >50mm, both lenses start to become weak, but the 1650 is weaker, especially in the far corners. Again, this depends on scene and subject distance, but side-by-side you can spot the differences.

Center sharpness is comparable, imo. I would even give a nod to the 1650 for being a tad more contrasty, but I don't have enough comparison shots to make a call. As I said earlier, I would consider these two kit lenses near equivalent in mid range and mid aperture.

Fwiw, using SW corrections for a compact optical zoom lens is nothing new - this has been done for many years to the even smaller P&S cameras.

And no, the Nex-7N will not get another kit lens. Perhaps the 'G' lens can be bundled with a Nex-body, but I don't think Sony will release both with an initial discount. Only when sales are lagging.

And the GN number of the 5R/5N is 7, and not 12.

And the rest of your message is lost on me - what are you trying to say? Sony has released smaller bodies (3 series) and larger, full featured, bodies (6, 7 series), and the Sony lens roadmap has been pretty much followed thus far, after an early revision was made. In addition to the kit and tele zoom, there have been both compact and high performance prime, and now we are expecting a high performance prime, and possible a fast 85mm prime.

Yes, the Nex line has exceeded expectation, and is a priority of sorts, even economy and Sony are struggling. I don't think Sony will abandon Nex users for a while to come. There is no 'hap-hazard' approach here by Sony.

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