Fuji SL1000 vs Sony HX300

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Re: Fuji SL1000 vs Sony HX300

I think your excellent short review & pix pretty much mirrors the dominant feeling around here that Sonies have the comparative weaknesses you describe.

I took a quick look at the prices of those two cams on Amazon and was stunned.  The HX300 is almost $150 more than the SL1000.  Since I can't see so much as $1 more of IQ from the Sony, I'd send it packing without a second thought...or a second's delay.  The again, I'm cheap, and very demanding of proof that a more expensive model is worth the premium asked.

By the way, like you, I enjoyed all the photos you showed. I was particularly impressed with second photo -- first from the Fuji.

Interestingly, to me at least, this is the second post I've seen today of a Fuji bridge displaying equal or better results than I've seen for the much more heavily discussed and debated HS50.  Much as I'd love to have manual zoom, I haven't seen anything so far to justify the premium for the HS50.

Good luck and much enjoyment with your ultimate choice.  As long as you're happy, the rest won't matter much.

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