Are new lenses getting too: heavy, wide and long?

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Re: Are new lenses getting too: heavy, wide and long?


If there is a growing popularity, it must be because the old lenses are selling cheaper on the used market than the new ones.

The lenses I've seen change (AF to G versions, basically), have mostly changed from using more metal to using more plastic.  Weight so far seems about the same, even though some of the lenses I've updated have gained VR.   I'd say it's basically a wash between saving weight from plastics and adding weight with VR.

No doubt that the lenses with VR and AF-S are physically bigger in diameter than their older counterparts.

I'm basing that on my 85F1.8AF versus 85F1.8g, my 50F1.8 AF and 50F1.4g (I know, 1.4 is bigger), and my 80-400AF versus 80-400g.    My 70-200F2.8 is about as heavy as my 80-200 push-pull, but actually longer and skinnier.   Both are heavy, and I've not noticed which feels heavier.

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One of the things that makes older lenses attractive is the aperture ring.  For videography or using the lens with an adapter on a mirrorless camera, being able to manually set/change the aperture is huge.

I do think that the lenses are getting bigger.  Perhaps it's due to the more demanding digital photography, which requires more glass and greater precision to produce stellar results.

I have both the 50 D 1.4 and 85 D 1.8.  I never particularly liked the 50, but the 85 was quite nice.  I have since acquired both the 50 G 1.8 and 85 G 1.4.  The 50 G is significantly larger than than the D and, I believe, the 85 G is a bit larger than the D. However, both G lenses are noticeably lighter presumably due to the switch from metal to plastics.  Both G lenses produce superior results to their D counterparts.  I'm happy with the tradeoffs.

I have acquired a couple of 70-210 manual focus lenses. These lenses are reasonably sharp and quite compact especially compared to current 70-200 lenses.  However, these old lenses just do not compete with modern nikkors.

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