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Re: Streaking = Smart IQ

mosswings wrote:

_sem_, Andrea Dawn's sunset rock shot (dsc0066.nef) is probably not a good candidate for this discussion.  There is a sun-aligned lightening of the shadowed rocks on the left, but it appears to be part of a constellation of sun rays and possibly a lens flare. I count at least 13 rays at all angles. The line artifacts seen there appear to be nothing more than regular deep shadow banding.

I'm afraid it is a candidate. Not as a most obvious example to examine the phenomenon, but as one that shows it may matter in real life for HDR-like processing of sunsets. For instance, if one'd want to make a bright image and light up the rock on the left: open in LR4.4, set Highlights -100, Exposure +3, Shadows +50 (push Shadows and Blacks further to make it more obvious). Streaking is noticeable in the upper half of the rock (practically the whole upper half). There is the sunstar and some lens flare but I don't think it these can be confused if you look in the leftmost third of the image (away from the sun). There is regular banding in the lower half of the rock. I guess 'streaking' may become noticeable in practice, when pushing shadows heavily, a stop or two earlier than regular banding. In other words, not really much more pushing possible than with the D90 when it occurs.

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