Telephoto lens for use in Kenya

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Re: Telephoto lens for use in Kenya

Same situation as you Marsha on lenses (and Jlt3b - on a possible new camera body). I'm getting ready for Uganda in August.

Last Safari was done with a D300 and D70 using the excellent (and light) 70-300 VR for longer shots. In Tanzania that was generally fine, and a wide angle or short prime on the D70. In Tanzania at least some of the big animals (Elephants, Lions) get pretty close (3-6 metres) to the vehicle, so sometimes even the seventy end of the lens wasn't nearly wide enough.

On lens I have the same question in terms of weight and performance between new 80-400 and a 70-200 2.8 combined with a teleconverter. Interested on comparisons, but few in the posts so far. Interested to see at least one person spoke favourably of 70-200 F4.

In terms of weight I won't go bigger than one of those two - so no 300 prime, nor the great 200-400.

On new body what I really want is the D400, but don't see much chance of that emerging this side of the summer...

So then I'm left with a choice of sticking to D300 (which is still great, but I miss the better low light performance that newer cameras can offer - also a factor for safari's), or getting a D7100. Which has some good write ups, including on its low light performance (certainly compared to a 5 year old D300)

But then will I want to upgrade to the D400 if and when it comes along?

Enjoy what will be a great trip

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