Apple craps are way overpriced

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Yes, but that is not the point

DVT80111 wrote:

My wife is asking for an Apple Macbook. She has been using her iPad3 to do iMovie edition, and she has outgrown its capability.

The cheapest Macbook Pro with an i5 core, Intel graphic, 1280x800 resolution, 4GB of ram, 4.5 lbs is $1099 refurb price.

I can get a new Window ultrabook for less than $800, and she can use Adobe Premier.

But she wants iMovie, sh.

The point is that she has asked for something specific. If that is what she wants and if you can afford it, save her and yourself the trouble and get her what she wants.

Yes. Macs are expensive and no, they are not (IMO) better. I use PCs and have for years. But that is not the point. If my wife wanted a MacBook I would swallow hard and get it for her. I would not try to talk her out of it. I would not try to tell her how much better a PC is. I would just buy it and consider myself lucky that she did not ask for a cray.

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