If I hate D7100, will I hate D600?

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Re: If I hate D7100, will I hate D600?

krikman wrote:

I post here because I do like D7100 and don't like D600.

I am failing to understand why you feel that way. Since you've own both the D300 and D800, it would seem more logical not to like both the D600, and D7100. Except for sensor size, and some tweaks, these cameras are very much alike. They are both targeted at the same audience, just as the 300 and 800 are (It is generally considered that the 300 and 800 are "prosumer cameras", while the 600 and 7100 are enthusiast's cameras). Is there something about the 600, that you don't like, but that you are not telling us about? What you are saying up to now makes no sense.

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