Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

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Re: The Best Reason Evar!

DenWil wrote:

My entire work output is in MF 67 film-  but the choice between  a tiny 24 x 36mm piece of  Acros or Velvia  film to work from, to base a campaign on,  or a native 36MP file  is a no brainer. If that is the choice  I'd take the D800.

If your priorities for using a certain camera (or format) is based on if the camera is fun,  or  being part of a vital artistic community, LOL, or befriending people,  then my conclusions likely do not apply to your circumstances. They certainly don't if your medium was chosen based on who else was using it.

I'm just a working man out  taking care of business.  As for pro film workflow-  I shoot,  I process in a dark room,  I scan, I print when necessary, I finish, and  I deliver on time-  there is no community of artisans, there are assistants and messengers  coming and going when applicable, not some  romanticized  team.

I moved out of stills into video a long time back, but that sounds like my photographer days. Mostly 120 and 5x4 with 35mm almost exclusively for slides, apart from specialised stuff like stereo or colour IR.

I'm sure I could walk back into my old darkroom, if it hadn't been demolished years ago,  and pick up where I left off. However, I'm sure I'd be more productive using DSLRs rather than sloshing around in chemistry.

Your middle paragraph above applies to working pros. For amateurs, which is how I class myself nowadays, the 'fun' or 'community' aspects are all part of the hobby. As for 'X uses it so it must be good'; that way madness lies.

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