Feedback requested. Warning: pictures of kids.

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My view

There are different ways in which criticism can be worded.

It can sound harsh, rude and mean (but brutally honest).

It can sound constructive and encouraging (and still honest).

That is a matter of personal style.

Now then, while the style of criticism of a few previous posters is not mine, I must say that in general I agree with their views.  There is no point in repeating that. I could try to say it in a more gentle way, but you would just accuse me of trying to be gentle.

However, I also agree with the several posters who tell you that you should continue with your shooting, because the more you do it, the better you will get, and you will recognize your better shots from your lesser efforts.  And you will ask yourself why some are better, and you will know, and you will apply those lessons.  That is how it works.

If you want to get a kick-start in the learning process, you should also continue posting here and asking for C&C.  If you can stomach harsh comments, then you will learn a lot, and rapidly.

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