2 D7100 Q's - From a D300s and D7000 Owner

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Re: 2 D7100 Q's - From a D300s and D7000 Owner

Hi I have the d300 and had the d7100 for two weeks. The improvements I noticed were improved auto white balance, better color dynamic range though sometimes flat, better high ISO but really only in good light if you're looking for fine detail. What I didn't like smaller cheaper body feels like a 7000 but even less weight but for me no big deal, the dusting out of details when light is fair to poor at ISO 500 and up, the change in behavior when it comes to flash and auto iso using the higher settings too readily forcing you to stop and turn off auto ISO easy enough with front dial, but the only deal breaker for me was the inconsistent focus with my sigma lens. If the lens issue could get worked out I could be back with a d7100 in hand as it is a nice overall improvement in IQ over the d300 IMO.

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