**The Weekly 4/3 DSLR Images 13 04 08**

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Re: **The Weekly 4/3 DSLR Images 13 04 08**

A few from my archive, just to keep my hand in. I'm full of opiates for pain and typing with two fingers. I know you must be hurting, too, Andrew. Just remember, it gets a little better each day. In a few weeks, you'll be back to dodging jealous husbands with baseball bats hunting you down.

Last week in July, 2011. I drove inland 200 miles to the eastern edge of The Trinity Alps, drove to the top of The Pacific Crest Trail to view beautiful, deadly Mt. Shasta, then down off the crest to the East into the Sacramento Valley to photograph Mt. Shasta. Mt. Shasta sits by itself, in the middle of The Sacramento Valley. It's the second to last Cascade Volcano, only Lassen Peak is to the South. From there, The Cascade Range stretches up through N. Cal., Oregon, Washington and into British Columbia. They are dangerous subduction volcanos and make Seattle/Tacoma potentially one of the most dangerous places to live in North America. Mt. Shasta, like Mt. Ranier, is considered dormant, which means it could light up at any time. Among other disastrous effects, all those glaciers would melt quickly and flood the valley. Mt. Ranier has 10 times the frozen water on it. I wouldn't live in Orting, and Tacoma is built on a lahar that flowed from Mt. Ranier to Puget Sound in one of the larger historic eruptions.

Mt. Shasta peeking over the top of The Pacific Crest. The road crests at 7,000 feet at this point and I've just come 200 miles from sea level, ears popping all the way.

From the top, I'm at 7,000, top of Mt. Shasta just over 14,000 feet.

Down in the Sacramento Valley. It was 65 degrees when I left the coast, well over 100, here. From this angle you can see Shastina, a parasitic cone on the NW flank of Mt. Shasta.

Directly below and to The West of the monster.


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