Telephoto lens for use in Kenya

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Re: Telephoto lens for use in Kenya

I can understand your excitement about going to Kenya in September. I just made a decision to join a safari to Kenya (Masai Mara) at the end of May!

I don't want to hijack your thread, only to continue it...

I'm trying to decide what to bring as a second body for my D7000. Options include:

1) D7100

2) Used D700, or perhaps even used D3/4

3) New D600

I'm also lacking on long end (have 17-55, 105macro, 70-300mm) but want a good long lens. I have the same dilemna as you:

1) Rent 200-400mm

2) Rent 300f2.8 plus TCs

3) Buy the new 80-400mm AF-S

Hard to choose! I'd be interested in more input from the group. Also, mfouks, feel free to PM me after June 10th for an update on what I used and how my experience in Kenya went!

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