If I hate D7100, will I hate D600?

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Re: If I hate D7100, will I hate D600?

I have both the D90 and D600 and they do not feel anything alike. The D600 is substantially better made than the D90, which, while a nice camera, feels like a toy compared to the D600.  I agree that the D7100 has a better focusing system. The D7100's user interface is slightly different, but I wouldn't call it miles better than the D600. How can you compare the D600, an enthusiasts camera, to the pro D4?

My opinion was that after D300 and D800 usage I remember D90 when take D600 first time.

OP: some of the other posters have suggested that you need to use the D7100 for a little longer. If you still don't like it, I don't think you'll like the D600 any more. They are so simialiar , as far as UI  goes. The full frame sensor is a definite advantage over DX. Its 39 point focusing module is inferior to the D7100, although I am  able to use the D600 for sports, such as football. Noise on the D600 is well controlled at the higher ISO's. How much better, or even better than the D7100? I don't know.

My statements based on my own experience. I tried all new cameras while working indoors and found only D4 leaps ahead of. My claims about D600-D800 and obviuosly D7100 that they lose any meaningful color information at ISO > 3200 while D4 RAW can restore colors upto 12800. So even white balance adjustments gets hard working. Still fullframes have 1 full step of ISO advantage and remarcable viewfinder.

I post here because I do like D7100 and don't like D600.

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