Telephoto lens for use in Kenya

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Re: Telephoto lens for use in Kenya

mfouks wrote:

Good advice Bruce.  Thanks.

Bruce kendall wrote:

Get an AFS 80-400 with crop camera.Then get a J1/V1 for the wide stuff.Keep it simple,light and and you can still enjoy the trip.

Hang on - I agree that one should at least have a point-n-shoot for unexpected up-close stuff.   And the V1 should be fine there.

But consider the V1 with FT1 adaptor for the long stuff.  It's really quite amazing what you can do with it and the 2.7x crop factor.   Mount the 300F4 and you have an 810F4, with 10fps, electronic shutter and 10mp.    A LOT smaller and cheaper than carrying a megalens.   A 70-200vr mounted on a V1 gives an effective 200-520 F2.8 with VR.    Adding a 1.4TC to the 300F4 gives 1134mm effective focal range.   You can do a lot with it!   (I've shot all three of those combos.)   And it uses the same battery as a D800.

Mounted on some sort of tripod, you can get video with it that you can't with a DSLR.  (Or maybe I just don't know how to crop video.)

I'm just saying, if you take a V1 to Africa, you owe it to yourself to bring an FT1 adaptor too.

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