Backup camera for Africa

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Re: Backup camera for Africa

First, congratulations on the trip - it should be an incredible experience. My sister-in-law went to Tanzania two years ago, and her images are incredible. Incidentally, she said they were able to get much closer to the animal;s than she imagined.

For a second body, I'd select one that gives me capabilities the D800 does not have, such as low-light/high ISO IQ and high frames per second. If it were me, I'd select either the D3s or the D4. Yes, the bodies are a bit heavy, but you'll be in a vehicle most of the time, and not walking around with your gear. The 300mm f2.8 is an outstanding choice, but is very large and heavy. An excellent alternative would be the Nikkor 300mm f4. It's a terrific performer optically, focuses very close, and is less that half the size and weight of the 300mm 2.8.

Drew Tarter

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