Does M4/3 or DSLR produce higher quality photo's

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For me they are equal (and I shoot A LOT)

raptureall wrote:

I've done a lot of research concerning Micro 4/3.  I thought of getting the Panasonic GH3, but am not satisfied with the quality of photo against say the new Nikon d7100.  So does a DSLR produce better quality photo's, or have I not seen good photo's from a Micro 4/3?  I really like the Micro 4/3, but my main interest is in the quality of the photo.  Thanks for your help!

Vague question.  What do you mean by "quality".

And if you have never yet seen any good photos with µFT, where have you been looking then?

But let me tell you this : I use both a DLSR (several, actually), and an E-M5.

And I produce basically the same quality output with both, depending on the situation.

Maybe it would be good if you showed some images that you make, so that we can help you in a more concrete way.  DSLR still has a few advantages over mirrorless (if you shoot fast sports e.g.), but OTOH, mirrorless is more convenient for other stuff.

Oh wait, you want me to go first?

OK then.

Here's a clown portrait from 2011 with a DSLR:

Here's a clown portrait from today, with the E-M5:

Now you be the judge if the quality of either one is satisfactory for you.

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