If I hate D7100, will I hate D600?

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Re: If I hate D7100, will I hate D600?

krikman wrote:

D7100 is much more camera than D600. D600 feels as D90 exactly. D7100 interface and focus miles better. When compare side-by-side I prefer D7100.

Image quality wise they both leap ahead of D300, but don't wait for miracles, the D600 while 1 stop better still nothing compared to D4 at hi ISO. So both usable indoors at ISO 3200. (Noise and details still affordable at 12600, but colors lost at 6400)

You definitely need sandisk 95 mb/s card for any of these new speeders because 1 or 2 s burst not matters so much, but buffer cleaning at 1,5-2  fps will save your shots.

I have both the D90 and D600 and they do not feel anything alike. The D600 is substantially better made than the D90, which, while a nice camera, feels like a toy compared to the D600.  I agree that the D7100 has a better focusing system. The D7100's user interface is slightly different, but I wouldn't call it miles better than the D600. How can you compare the D600, an enthusiasts camera, to the pro D4?

OP: some of the other posters have suggested that you need to use the D7100 for a little longer. If you still don't like it, I don't think you'll like the D600 any more. They are so simialiar , as far as UI  goes. The full frame sensor is a definite advantage over DX. Its 39 point focusing module is inferior to the D7100, although I am  able to use the D600 for sports, such as football. Noise on the D600 is well controlled at the higher ISO's. How much better, or even better than the D7100? I don't know.

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