Backup camera for Africa

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Re: Backup camera for Africa

I would suggest you get the D7100 plus AF-S 80-400VR. It does not weigh too much and being FX gives you an effective 120-800* without changing lenses (you get 800 by using the 1.3 crop feature - I have programmed the FN button to allow me to switch quickly when I need it) and then add a 1.4 converter if you need more reach.

Then put the 70-200 on the D800 for close up or low light shots.

I have replaced my D300s with a D7100 and have the AF-S 80-400 on order. This is going to be my new lightweight wildlife kit which will be on my lap when driving. The D3s and 500VR will come out when stationary at waterholes or when I can use my Wimberley head on the Badger door mount.

If you are also going to shoot outside the parks, a 24-85VR on the D800 will work well.  I have the 24-120 f/4, but find it as cumbersome as the 24-70 f/2.8. The 50 f/1.8 is also a good idea for low light. Get the non-G version. It is actually faster and much cheaper. I would not bother with two flashes. Unless you use a range extender, it is useless for wildlife and may scare the game off. I only use mine for shooting birds or leopards up into trees.

Hope this helps....

* I know that you do not technically get more range, so do not flame me for saying that. It is just it seems that way to me...

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