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Re: not an issue

krikman wrote:

That this effect exists is curious, but we're geeky. The relevant issue is whether this makes any difference to your day-to-day shotmaking. It probably doesn't in any practical sense; all it means is that you might feel less self-assured in unusual lighting situations. All it probably means is that you want to be careful when taking high-DR shots of venetian blinds

I still can't imagine any other scene where streaking can occure. Can somebody suggest any?

So its not a Nikon/Toshiba problem but venetian blind windows problem.

As a product 'tog, it doesn't cause me any concern as I don't have any venetian blind clients on my portfolio. But, I have found this thread very interesting, and when glued to other threads, I tend to agree with a comment I read about this camera (D7100) can be 'edgy'. I did buy a D5200, and its a very, very, good camera, but returned it for refund as it was faulty. I just wanted this spec body as a kick around fast to use body for concept shots. The D5200 isn't it, so I will be getting the D7100 instead. Its just going to be a bit of a bugger if I get inquiries  from venetian blind manufactures. I said that out loud didn't I. Ooops.

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