Picture of my Dimage A2 taken with my Dimage 7

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Re: Dimage Control, still around, still working.

Barrie Davis wrote:

Sphelx wrote:

Hello Barrie,

I'm wondering if it's possible to get a copy of the A2 USB drivers from you?

I've been trying to use the DiMage control 1.1.8/9 software, but since the camera is unrecognised by windows (7) it's been a total failure so far.

I've crawled the web and downloaded 3 or 4 different versions of drivers that purport and claim to be A2 drivers, but the files either contain basically nothing, or point-blank refuse to work with W7 x64.

Hello Sphelx,

I'll gladly let you have everything I have, but it is my understanding that the driver in question is of XP vintage, and likely doesn't work with Windows 7.... unless in an emulation mode... (possibly?)

(note: bedtime for me now...)

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Thank you very much for that, I have sent you a PM with my email address.



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