Are new lenses getting too: heavy, wide and long?

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Re: Are new lenses getting too: heavy, wide and long?

Michael Benveniste wrote:

Cytokine wrote:

There appears to be growing popularity for the older lighter screwdriver lenses 20, 24, 50, etc.,

I haven't seen any such "growing popularity" myself.  According to the serial numbers shown at Roland Vink's site, for example, Nikon's already sold more 14-24mm f/2.8's, than they sold 20mm f/2.8D's even though the cheaper, lighter lens has been on the market for about 3 times as long.

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I miss the days when I used to be nostalgic.

It is difficult to compare a zoom with these little primes, which are lovely for street photography and compactness, I was looking at the prices on Ebay uk, also I bought a 50mm f1.4D from a dealer, whos's prices seem to keep going up for the same lens. It could just reflect the number of new people moving to Nikon for their new higher end cameras, that all have screwdriver ability.


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