Building a PC

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Building a PC

Hi again,

Well, forgetting about laptops discussions i would like to start this thread about getting a desktop PC, but i want to go with building it by myself or at least getting the parts under my choices.

Mostly i will go with i7 extreme processor, i have 3 options but i may go with the cheapest of the 3 instead going with the most expensive one if it will be overkill and i don't need to waste that much money, so this processor will not be a difficult decision anyway.

Motherboard[MoBo], not sure which one as i see there are many recommended out there, but i am thinking to go with the one that has X97 chipset or newer higher one, even with that chipset there are many options from Newegg site, just i am not good on different brands also not good in what to compare between one to another, i also will go with that mobo that support up to 64GB instead of 32GB.

RAM? I am thinking to start with 16GB so i can save very few bucks as starts, i will put most budget for processor and motherboard and the graphics card.

HDD? I have Samsung 840 series 128GB, i bought it to use on my very very very old desktop PC, but that desktop is dead [i smell a bad something like a burning wire], so i will not risk to use that computer and maybe it will explode or burn suddenly, then SSD is available already, i even have WD 500GB blue 7200 HDD 3.5" to use in that new desktop, i can buy another HDD to go along with SSD if needed.

Graphic card? Here i am not sure which one, i saw that Nvidia GTX 690 model, it is very very expensive to start with, so i was thinking to start with something cheaper and then upgrade to latest better one later, what about going with 2 GPU that are not very expensive instead of one very expensive one? i am open here for all opinions.

Power supply, anything that is good review and recommended i will go with, it is important for sure but it is not a big issue which one to go with, one computer shop seller in my area told me to go with something that has minimum of 1000W, Really? many here going with something 700-900W, but who knows what is a better choice here you can tell me.

Sound? Which one you recommend?

Cooling system? I don't know which, so please enlighten me.

Case, i will see which one but i really want that one that has blue lines or blue light, i don't like red ad warm colors, so blue/green will be my choice.

What else i need to think about? Monitor i have already

Welcome to all opinions/suggestions, i am not in rush and i can take my time on building one sooner or later.

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