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`its good to step outside your comfort zone occasionally, but is nicer to step back into it` PC.

Having read all the replies, so far, and having  also observed the cropped alternatives, for me, this remains by far the best.

I don't agree with the sense of there being an empty space to the left, because this is a shot of travel platform, I'm guessing train station platform and that "empty space" is akin to the "empty spaces" between go-faster stripes.

If it is possible to fill-in the "empty space" between go-faster stripes with analysis, then filling-in that not-so-very-empty bit should be a walk in the park (or a train ride).

I'll even give it a go: [waffle alert]

Perhaps the photo is framed to show the yellow barrier as demonstrating the  station master's attempt to symbolically protect its patrons from the adverts empty promises. (and I see a bit of rubbish there too)

But really, I like this  version of the photo best because, appropriately,  it conveys a sense of movement. It reminds me of go-faster stripes in how its shape and lines relate to each other.

The rest... well, .. I've heard it said that those with a happy disposition will be happy in poverty or wealth, whilst those of a negative disposition  are never to be happy, so winning the lottery will make little difference, they'll just strut more loudly. Ergo, this guy will be as he is, regardless of where he may be.... lonely  train station platform, or unpopulated island paradise.

Which brings me to my final point, the "if only" title did throw me. (I didn't even notice the exclamation marks)

I'll suggest an alternative:

No man is an island.

I was expecting to see something within the shot that would make it self-explanatory and , really, it is there, but I just didn't see it because it's not visible. It's You.

You took the photo, was that title a reflection of your feeling at the time.. as in, you were wishing... if only you could be elsewhere, or someone else?

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