D7100 'streaking'

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Re: not an issue

mosswings wrote:

Jussi, welcome back, we've been busy as you can see. Take some time to read through the thread, there's a lot to catch up on.

Yeah, I noticed! And I did read all the posts now.

That this effect exists is curious, but we're geeky. The relevant issue is whether this makes any difference to your day-to-day shotmaking. It probably doesn't in any practical sense; all it means is that you might feel less self-assured in unusual lighting situations. All it probably means is that you want to be careful when taking high-DR shots of venetian blinds

I'm quite certain this won't matter to me, although with all the photos on my hard disk I was considering an exhibition on the subject. But I suppose that particular career move goes out of the window now (pun intended).

Tomorrow, I'll take some more shots for my venetian blinds portfolio, but then I'll go back and be more of a travel/landscape photographer.

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