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Re: LCD viewfinders.

JNR wrote:

It seems to me a matter of predisposition. If you are hostile to viewing on a screen, can't stand a EVF, or resist a screen loupe on principle, you probably can't make the transition. I feel that the K-01 is a great complement to the K20D in that their strengths are so varied (but not so much compared to the K30).

I came from the K20D, and 90%+ of the time I can image far better with the K-01. It took commitment from an old fart (me) who was determined to make the transition. It really is a state of mind, and for most old-time Pentaxians (who are an extremely traditional lot for the most part), it just is too much change. That, and really only that, is the reason for its failure.

Freeing your face from the back of the camera actually opens up a better understanding of how to get a new perspective (high or low) much quicker and more effectively. And if you shoot MF telephoto with fast lenses (especially in low light), you will find out in an instant that focus peaking is many times superior to optical VF (even the excellent one on the K20D) - still so even if you spend hundreds of dollars on after market focusing aids (screens, magnifiers, etc.).

The K30 is a safe alternative, but deeply flawed in some ways due to poor battery performance, bloated size (but understandably accounting for fine weather sealing - which you have already with the K20D), and inferior video capabilities (which matters little to most visitors to this forum).

Bottom line, you can be assured that the used K-01 in EX will be selling for $275-300 in a year, so your experiment isn't about to cost you much at all. Perhaps it isn't worth the effort, though, if you are committed to a comfortable, but highly restrictive way of framing the picture.

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JNR - that is about the best summary of the K-01's strengths that I've heard in an very long time. Your thoughts on "freeing the face" are spot on.

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