Feedback requested. Warning: pictures of kids.

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Re: Feedback requested. Warning: pictures of kids.

Well, my first thing is you know asking for feedback from strangers on an internet forum leads to ... rather harsh responses which you've already received.  I don't really believe in doing that but I can give you some impressions.

My first thought is that the DOF on some of these is a bit too small.  The bathtub is a good example of that.  I tend to have this problem as well.  I stop down, but I move so close to fill the frame (which you really have to do with a 12mm) and that really can reduce the depth of field.

I personally don't care that the feet are cut off in the first photo, but to me I think the spacing is what makes it weird.  There's all that free empty space above them, but then less than nothing at the bottom.  I think if you worked on a 16x9 crop of this though you can make that seem a bit more normal.

I actually like the photo of the fairy.  I don't think the wings being cut off is an issue.  The bokeh could be a little distracting.  What I'd do to this one is selectively darken the image.  So if you're using lightroom, use the adjustment brush to brush a negative exposure adjustment all over the image and then erash the brush over the child's face.  And then adjust to taste.

I used to have a petal car just like that Camaro!  Mine was a firetruck though.  I think the focus in this image is in front of the child - on the hood of the car.  I'd aim to focus on the person's eyes all the time if you can.

Honestly the part that I found most distracting was how the images looked like they had been through some sort of "decorative" application (like instagram).  However, looking at the exifdata for the images it looks like you used DXO Film Pack which would explain why they look like film.  However since you explicitly went that route, it's really comes down to taste.  And if you have the RAW files, you can always change that should tastes change.

I would end with content trumps composition in photographs.  If these are photos of your children, they're precious regardless of composition.  For us, they're just kids so we focus on the composition, lighting, all of the nuts and bolts.  However that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy photos of your kids for being, well, photos of your kids!

Save the RAWs; you can reprocess for slideshows at their weddings!

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