D7100 'streaking'

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Re: "I love how it forces me to become a better photographer"

dougster1979 wrote:

My original post wasn`t a criticism , i was questioning weather better equipment makes a better photographer. Otherwise we would always want the "better" camera. Better resolution yes, better sharpness yes. Does it make one a better photographer, most definably not.

I got some nice shots with my D90 but was not achieving good results consistently. After only one day with the D7100 I realized that many of my old photos that I thought were sharp or well-focused really were not. For example, I was often pushing the limits with very slow shutter speeds. In the end I didn't capture all the details and contrast because my technique was lacking and the camera resolution masked the problem. Yes, I'm stupid, but shooting with D7100 was a revelation.

So, if my shooting technique now improves, I think that it will make me a better photographer. Whether you agree with that or not, I don't know. But I'm 100% sure that in the future I will take more shots that I can be proud of, even with the D90.

I have to admit that I am still waiting for the "better" camera that improves my artistic skills..

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