If I hate D7100, will I hate D600?

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Re: If I hate D7100, will I hate D600?

lordbeau wrote:

(D300s owner). Disliked D7100 for various reason, not just QC - slow buffer, high ISO quite choppy, and overexposure.

Just wondering if the D600 is as annoying. Better buffer and better ISO..... perhaps I'll like it?

Hate is a strong word, but you will probably feel the difference from a D300. I used to have a D300 and a D5100 in parallel. Often, I used the D5100 because of the much better image quality (high ISO, dynamic range, number of pixels, etc.), but, boy, did I feel that it was not a D300 in my hands.

Once I took the D5100 as my only camera on a trip and a friend of mine brought his D300. I knew my pictures would turn out much better than his, but every now and then I begged him to lend me the D300 just to have the feel of it.

Grab a D300. Grab a D800. Grab a D600. If the feeling in your hands is in any way important to you, I doubt you would be happy with a D600.

If, on the other hand, you are only concerned with the quality of the images, you may be perfectly satisfied with the D600, once you learnt to handle its limitations.

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