Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

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Re: it depends on your definition of 'slow'

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I don't know how the myths about FF manufacturing difficulties, size, and weight, etc. got propagated, probably because people have short memory.

film and digital

There were plenty of tiny 35mm cameras in the film days, there is nothing that prevents

But those lenses, if zooms, had slow apertures.  They forced the user to load it with 400 speed film which wasn't as good as it is today.  Many a compact 35mm film camera with 35-120mm zoom lens were often with slow f/4-f/13 maximum aperture.

Let's look at the popular Olympus OM-D with its compact kit 12-50/3.5-6.3 lens. The lens is equivalent to 24-100mm f/7-12.6 FF lens.

Sorry but you are talking about "35mm effective" aperture for DOF and I'm talking about simply light: exposure.  Exposure matters for getting a photo more than "35mm effective DOF".

I was also talking about the collected light. DOF and light gathered follow the same conversion rules: f-stop multiplied by crop factor. It's the effective aperture, not the f-stop that determines both DOF and light:

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