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Re: not an issue

Jussi Mattila wrote:

Similar to the effect you get when photographing a bright widow set in a darker wall then increasing exposure of the wall in post. You get a ghost image or lightening around one side of the frame

Do you know why this happens with D7100, but not with D90?

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Jussi, welcome back, we've been busy as you can see. Take some time to read through the thread, there's a lot to catch up on.

We're trying to figure this out - but the D7100 is a much higher DR camera than the D90, and this streaking effect is occurring at a very low level - below the level that the D90 can capture, but within the level that the D7000 and D7100 can capture. Search back in this thread and you'll see a shot done with a D300 (same basic sensor as the D90) that also shows streaking, but almost completely obscured by noise. Horshack's tests with a D5100 (also a 14 bit camera) also show streaking but at a reduced level.

The imaging literature suggests that this sort of artifacting is a consequence of low level sensor circuit design choices - but all sensors that multiplex rows or columns(i.e., all of them) are susceptible to it; there is a basic limit to how well you can isolate one pixel from another in a sensor.  I think that one of the things that's making this streaking more obvious in the D7100 is that the color is shifting as we pull up these very low level artifacts.

That this effect exists is curious, but we're geeky. The relevant issue is whether this makes any difference to your day-to-day shotmaking. It probably doesn't in any practical sense; all it means is that you might feel less self-assured in unusual lighting situations. All it probably means is that you want to be careful when taking high-DR shots of venetian blinds

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