If I hate D7100, will I hate D600?

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Re: If I hate D7100, will I hate D600?

mgblack74 wrote:

Ask another way:

If I own an older Audi S4, and hate the newer Golf GTI, will I hate the new A6 wagon/avant?

None of the cameras you mention are equal. It's about what you need. The D800 body is closest to the D300s body as ergonomics and 'feeling' go. The D600 feels like a slightly beefed up D7100. None are FPS or buffer kings, but they're pumping out more data per frame than the D300s.

The D7100 & D600 is better than the D300s in every lighting condition and category. It has better IQ all around. For me, thankfully, the deal breaker was lack of an AF-ON button. If you're used to using that and using the AE-L button it may be a tough switch.

If you're happy with the resolution of the D300s and the ergonomics and the FPS, look at a D700. With AA batteries or D3 batteries in the grip, it can do 8 fps.
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I would have to disagree.  The D600 has way better IQ.  Dxo Mark backs this up.  You can't compare a DX to a FX camera.

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