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Thanks Oscar.  I never thought about the D700.  I have rented it once before and really liked it (my first experience with Nikon while waiting for the D800).  I have to say that it was quite expensive to rent just for one week which is why I would rather buy a second camera.    I think the 200-400 would be ideal but it is too heavy for me which is why I was thinking about the 300 2.8 with a teleconverter.  I am still considering the 80-400 as well as that would give me more flexibility than the 300 although less PQ.


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I am going on a photo safari in African (Kenya)  in September and I was thinking that I would get an additional backup camera.  I am currently using a D800.  My telephoto lens at the moment is a 70-200 f2.8 with a 2X extender.   My first question is what would make sense as a second camera?  I was thinking that the D7200 would be a good choice but perhaps a D600 would be better (assuming no dust issues).  I believe both are about the same size/weight.

My second issue which I will also post on the lens forum is what telephoto lens to either invest in or rent.  I am looking for something not too heavy (will be using beanbags not a  tripod) as I am very concerned about holding and travelling with a heavy lens although I guess the beanbags will help.  So I am considering the 300 f2.8 lens or the new 80-400 lens that has just come out.  I have rented the 300 f2.8 for another trip and found it to be about as heavy as I can handle.  I also used the 1.4 and the 2X teleconverter with it.  Am I correct that the image quality will be much better using the 300 2.8 lens with teleconverters  as opposed to the new 80-400 lens?  I was thinking that one camera would be used with the 70-200 and the other would be used with the longer lens.

Any comments/ideas would be very much appreciated.


Hi Marsha -  I took the family on a safari, trip of a life time, to Tanzania last June.  My recommendation is to consider the D-700 as a 2nd camera because the two are very similar in set-up and it is easier to switch between them.

I found the following set - up best for me:  I had the 200-400 f 4 on the D-800 and the 70-200 f 2.8 on the D-700 most of the time.  I also used the 24-70 f 2.8 occasionally on the D-800.  Dust is an issue and having the two cameras as I did was just about perfect and I rarely had to change lens and risk getting dust inside.

Today, because of size and weight of the 200-400, I would consider the new AF-S 80-400 instead.

I also took the 1.4 TC but never used it relying on the high MP of the D-800 to crop which worked great.

Remember to put down the camera from time to time and enjoy it.  Photos are important but so are the memories.  Africa safaris are amazing and for most of us a trip of a life time -ENJOY!!!!!


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