Backup camera for Africa

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Something to think about. If I got the 7100 I would have to use it quite a bit first to get used to it.  If I did get a second D800, I would be tempted to rent the D800E.  I would have to look into the costs but it is pretty expensive to rent equipment in Canada- I would need to rent it for 3 weeks.  I think I would rather buy because I do want a backup Nikon camera and I really like the idea of a lighter one for travel purposes.


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IQ from the 80-400 is better than from the 70-200 with a TC attached so I would take an 80-400 and leave the 70-200 at home. You also have the option of using your TC with it as there have been good reports of how it performs.

For a backup camera, hire another D800. If anything does happen to your camera, you will be happier that your backup is exactly the same - especially when looking at your pictures years later!

X2. You have the DX built into the D800  Any of the D7000, D7100, D600 bodies will also have different control layouts and that will (might) only cause you to miss shots in the heat of the moment. I'd take one D800 gripped and probably the second one not.

And as some have said, a D4 as a second body is a good option if money is no problem or you can rent one.  I use a D800 / D4 combo.  Never been to Africa though, so can't comment specifically to that situation, but I would prefer two D800s. I think!

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