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Re: Backup camera for Africa

I am so looking forward to this experience!  For sure I will be getting a second camera.  I never thought about renting the D4 before the previous post.  That would be ideal but not sure that I want to handle the weight which is why I was considering buying a D7100.  I am considering either the new 80-400 or a 300 f2.8 with a teleconverter.  I would also have my 70-200 (no converter) on the new camera.  I'm thinking that the D7100 should be ok through ISO 800.  Maybe the D600 if the dust issue gets fixed in the next couple of months as I still have time to make a final decision.

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Phil_L wrote:

I would definitely take a second camera if cost isn't an issue.

You are going to have dust "problems" and changing lenses and or adding or removing TC's is a recipe for ruining your equipment and a royal pita.

Take plastic bags to put your camera(s) in when not in use!

Put the 70-200 f2.8 on the D800 and rent/buy a D4/D3s and a 200-400 f4, ev. two 1.4TCs.

The 200-400 is heavy, consider the new 80-400 as an alternative if you don't want to carry too much.

I just came back from the Masai Mara a few weeks ago and used the lens combo above on a single D300. Could I have used a second body and better low light performance? You bet!

Have fun, you are in for a fantastic experience and be prepared to want to return.

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