Rangefinder on the way....

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Re: Oh goody....

Guy Parsons wrote:

drpoop wrote:

Are people really THAT excited about a rangefinder mFT camera?

Some are, but this now dyed-in-the-wool LCD user thinks that eyepieces are a waste of space.

Regards..... Guy

Really?  I have a GF1 w/o EVF which rarely gets used because of the blackout problem from glaring sun so use my small DSLR with OVF more instead.  Likewise my compact TZ cameras often have to take picture totally blind inspite of claimed better LCD screens.  I personally would never chose to use camera without EVF or OVF for any wildlife photography except for video. The above are reasons I would love to see option of some rangefinder style models with a reversible swivel screen as some compacts have like Samsung so screen can tilt out the glare and reverse for protection when not in use.  No I don't carry an umbrella or hood over me where ever I go.  Just my two bits.

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