The price of the SD1M is still way too high!

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Re: The price of the SD1M is still way too high!

When you say "ranch", what pops into my mind is an image of James Drury and Doug McClure! Did you have cattle or does the word mean more like "country pile" these days?

We don't actually have a garage (although next door do) as ours was converted into an interior room by a previous occupant.  British garages are typically only 7 feet wide anyway, so not a lot of room for more than one car. I'm glad we don't the garage anymore as I'd probably have knocked it down by now with my reversing skills.

Here's a pic (not my car) of my all time favourite to drive (now long gone).

Ford Fiesta XR2 Mk2 (1988 model)

I loved those pocket rocket hot hatches; uncivilised but such fun to drive.

An old flatmate of mine used to drive a Renault 5 GT turbo, terrifying car. 125bhp from a 1400cc engine, and just about all of it kicking in at 3500rpm. It was like having afterburners.

Lin Evans wrote:

DMillier wrote:

I remember driving in the south west. It's like driving in Australia - those towns that look half inch apart on the map aren't 30 mins apart as you might expect but a day's drive.

Now if I drove 1000 miles it wouldn't be a Rolls I needed but an amphibious vehicle as I'd be half way to Iceland!

How much does petrol cost in the US these days? It costs about £80 to fill the tank of my car (around 50 litres).

You seem to have a lot of vehicles. We make do with a single car, 7 years old now. To be honest I struggle to imagine what I would do with a second car, I drive so occasionally. No where to park one either, except the flower bed!


At today's price in Cheyenne, Wy (close to me) it would cost $42.53 USD to fill your tank. That's $3.22 per US Gallon which works out to a little over $.85 per litre. I'm not certain of the current rate of exchange, but I think that's about £27.72. If so you pay about 2.8 times more for fuel.

Here it's pretty common for folks to have multiple vehicles. I've had as many as seven at one time not counting motorcycles, but that was when I had a ranch with lots of room. My ranch in southern Colorado had 120 acres so lots of room. Where I live today in town, my garage holds two plus my motorcycle and I have room for two more on my fairly large driveway plus room for an additional two on the street in front of my home. I don't keep my large toy hauler (a self-contained travel trailer with an attached garage) at home, but pay to have it stored until I use it.

Here, we pretty much drive everywhere and like you say, it's pretty much like Australia in that it's a huge country and especially in the west there are places where it's 100 miles between towns. As one gets closer to large cities, of course, it changes quickly. People in the east such as New York City, rarely drive unless they live in the suburbs. On the west coast of the US, especially in southern California, everyone drives because there is almost no decent public transportation outside the metropolitan area. I remember how convenient it was in London to get on the underground and go almost anywhere. San Francisco is much better than LA, but even there most everyone has one or more vehicles.

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