Feedback requested. Warning: pictures of kids.

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Re: Feedback requested. Warning: pictures of kids.

Joe they're really not good. It's hard to say why for a number of reasons. Foremost is you didn't include any Exif shooting info (Aperture, shutter, etc) so it's hard to pinpoint what went wrong.

1) The blond girl's expression is great, but the chopped feet and angled railings are a distraction. You should crop this image to remove both. But for a parent it will be a lovely keepsake.

2) The intention is to showcase their art, so showcase it! Currently it has no focal point.

3) Placement of the shallow DOF does nothing here. If using shallow DOF choose the focal point more carefully.

4) Has a distorted perspective. It's just not cute or flattering so the bright reflection distracts. Without that it would almost work but the hat and dummy block too much of the face. The clipped wings wouldn't bother me much if the face held the attention.

5) Something went wrong with the focus here. Perhaps you cropped the top half of an image? The only thing truly in focus is a leaf growing from the tarmac and the foremost corner of the car. The half adult is less than ideal, but if the focus was right it might not be such a distraction. When the focus is right and it grabs your eye, you can get away with many distractions, and can add selective blurring in post processing.

6) Unbalanced, what was so bad to the right that it deserved less to be in the frame than the void on the left. Actually, thinking about it, I don't want to know, it must have been bad.

Teddolf criticises composition, and I can see why, but I actually feel focus was the main problem here. When the focus is right, it forgives some bad composition, but good composition rarely forgives bad focus.

I'd say focus on getting focus on where the viewers eye need to go to. Composition will start to take care of itself and can be perfected later.


JoeNapa wrote:

These are just some pictures of my home and family that I took with my new Em-5 and 12mm lens.  Thanks, Joe.

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