Feedback requested. Warning: pictures of kids.

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Re: Feedback requested. Warning: pictures of kids.


What you have here are pictures that you and your children will be able to look back on with many fond memories. If you, like me, move from one home to another these pictures will serve the girls in helping them remember the "Old house" and if not it will still help them remember when.

It is disappointing here when people only want to be critical and want to look at pictures from a clinical perspective. Some of the "imperfect techniques" end up being some of the best pictures. While technical photography is indeed occupying a certain niche of photography I think it lunacy to think that the snapshots (which we all love for capturing that special family moment) should be held to some technical specifications such as rule of thirds (OMG) etc.

Oh wait let me change my focus point to get the rule of thirds before she……………………. Oh she already blew out the candles, man missed it………..

Ask yourself a question, look at that picture # 4 and tell me how you will feel about looking at it 15 years from now in a nice frame on your wall, wall unit etc, how your girl will feel about that picture. It is a winner regardless of what any of us here think, it is quite simply brilliant, end of story. My son still looks at many pictures (from a crappy Sony 8 megapixel camera) from when he was around the same age from the bathtub and his mom and her "Hand monster" getting him. These are the best kind of pictures in my opinion for family. And oh my God he is in THE CENTER of the picture, how could I,…………………………………………….. oh wait that picture is perfect. Nuff said.

Just keep in mind that when you ask for "Feedback" you will open yourself up to some who can be over jealous in "Sharing" their less than courteous feedback. But just as the sun rises each day it would unfortunately appear that certain folks will act in a very predictable fashion. There have been many comments that have been positive in this forum but there are many unnecessarily harsh as well.

Some here lack perspective and decency, but it is an internet forum after all, so this activity is expected and has been here for some time and will be in the future.

This should NEVER discourage you from taking pictures, at this point is is simply hard drive space.

Keep taking great pictures and enjoy your family, they are what matters. You will get plenty of constructive feedback as well from others as you continue. So are your pictures TECHNICALLY perfect, well one, has weighed in, as for me they are A+ for what I think you are going for.

Thanks for sharing.

Remember if you do not take the pictures you will not have them.

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My saying on pictures;
"If you don't take them you won't have them"

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