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Re: Joe James on astrophotography ...

John King wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:
In any case, you seem keen on the subject of astrophotography.  Tell us, then, what might be the ideal settings for an EM5 and 6D if two competent astrophotographers were photographing the same scene from the same spot, and why do those settings result in a better photo with the EM5?

Are you serious?

The serious amateur astrophotographers I know have spent a goodly amount of their lives learning how to do these things, and you seriously expect anyone to answer the simplistic question you have posed?

I will ask you some simple questions that you could perhaps incorporate into your question:

- What telescope/lens is to be used?

- What type or design are the proposed optics?

- What focal length?

- What size of objective lens or mirror does it have?

- What kind of mount do you suggest as the best kind for this use?

- What kind of drive system is to be used?

- What kind of controller would you suggest?

- Why not use an SBIG camera? They are purpose-built for this pursuit, after all ...

There are plenty of other non-random variables that are implicit in your question. Perhaps you could educate us as to what these might be?

Huh.  I was thinking that since you said:

And, with all due respect, at a wedding recently the results from my E-510 seriously out-classed those from a 5D and a 1Ds II.


I thought we had shown that the 5D cannot even keep up with an E-510. The 40D compared to an E-3 is just laughable. ... ROTFL.

YOUR 5D with an f1.4/24 cannot even start to compare with my E-510 with the kit lenses ...


AND, just BTW, the DPR Olympus 14~42 kit lens review proves the point that I have stated before, that even the Olympus kit lenses are superior to the top glass from CanNikon; and you just cannot stand the fact that here is the authority saying so.

That you would have said that the E510 and kit lenses would have been the ideal system for the job.

In any case, for sure there are better setups for astrophotography than an EM5 or 6D.  However, given that someone is using one of these cameras for this purpose, can you tell us what the ideal settings might be for an EM5, and the ideal settings for the 6D, assuming that we are taking a pic of the same scene?

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