Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: they could have two operating systems

malch wrote:

dradam wrote:

There's a big tile labeled "Desktop"...

Which takes one to a very bare desktop and no tools. They didn't even place shortcuts for Explorer or Control Panel on that desktop. As shipped, this desktop leads nowhere.

Tools?  The desktop never (in my memory) had tools on it by default, especially not Control Panel (which is, incidentally, easier to access in Windows 8 than ever before).  Also, if I remember correctly, the only two thing pinned to the taskbar by default are Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer, I'm not sure which "Explorer" you meant, but they were both there when I first clicked "Desktop".

I know that can be solved too. But it's an unnecessary hassle for experienced users. Inexperienced users would quite likely find themselves quickly lost.

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