Telephoto lens for use in Kenya

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The big problem in asking for opinions is that you get so many.  And, then, what do you do with them?  At any rate, if I were going to Northern Tanzania again or to Southern Kenya, I would take one body with the new 80 to 400 and a second body with a short lens, such as the 24 to 120.  My wife and I went to Northern Tanzania in 2009 and I took a D300 with the old 80 to400 and a Canon G10.  The combination worked quite well as I always had the right focal length lens ready to use.  We over indulged on the trip in that we chartered a vehicle and guide all to ourselves so that I could do photography my way.  If you are in a larger group, the guide will make more compromise positioning decisions, which will favor having a zoom, rather than a prime lens with teleconvertors.  Sometimes you have lots of time at a scene, sometimes just a few seconds.  I was glad not to be delayed selecting the focal length needed and getting it mounted.  Sometimes the scene would have been gone.  There is also the big problem of dust.  Changing lenses exposes the cameras internals to lots of dust.  I thought that 400 mm was long enough for the area where we, although longer is always nice.  I also thought the old 80 to 400 was a great choice for focal length range.  It is widely disparaged for many shortcomings both real and imagined.  My pictures look terrific when projected on a 50 inch TV.  From what I have read, the new 80 to 400 would be a significant improvement.

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