OMD severe flash exposure problem

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The camera metering mode changes nothing.

I cannot understand why so many here seem to insist that the camera metering mode affects the TTL flash exposure -- it absolutely does not.

It will obviously impact ambient exposure if you are using flash at slower shutter speeds, but the flash exposure is based on the overall scene in the viewfinder -- regardless of camera metering pattern.

This is very simple to test (I've done it many times). Simply find an indoor scene with medium to dark tones -- no high reflectance items in the scene -- then shoot that scene with TTL flash at 1/60 sec, to minimize ambient light impact. Shoot the same scene in Evaluative Metering Mode, Center-weighted Metering Mode, and Spot Metering Mode. Flash exposure will be good and consistent across all exposures.

Then introduce a white card into the border of the frame so that most of the frame is still darker tones and repeat the above process. What you will see is that the flash exposure is consistently underexposed for the darker tones in the image across all exposures -- regardless of metering mode.

The impact of high reflectance areas on Olympus flash metering is exactly what the OP has demonstrated in his sample photos.

It is a problem for me, but not a deal breaker.

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