Nikon SB 910 with 70-200 mm f/2.8 II + TC 1.4

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Re: Nikon SB 910 with 70-200 mm f/2.8 II + TC 1.4

kmdmd1 wrote:

I am a  novice with using a flash. My goal is to learn how to use my SB 910 with the Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8 VRII and the 1.4 TC for wildlife ie birding.  I will be using my D800 with this set up.vThe SB 910 will zoom to 200 mm but not beyond according to the LCD display, but I will  be using the zoom at a 280 mm focal length with the TC. Does the flash account for the attached TC or do I have to make adjustments each time I use the flash in TTL/BL mode? Could you advise me how to make the proper setting adjustments when using the TC and possibly direct me to any resources that I might read? Thank you.

The SB-910 will zoom to 200mm and that's it.  Some outdoor photographers use a Flash Extender  to provide up to 2 to 3 f/stops more by concentrating the light in a tighter pattern.  The model you want is here .  Your TTL will expose correctly using it.

The flash will not account for the TC and the extra focal length, but your TTL metering will meter correctly and try to balance the ambient and flash output based on the scene you are shooting.

Now, the issue will be if the SB-910 has enough power to provide the balance flash at the distance you desire and ambient light conditions.  One way to try to achieve this is through flash compensation (up it), another is going to higher ISO settings and upping your shutter speed to maintain the ambient you desire.  But you really need to keep your shutter speed at or below your x-sync otherwise you will lose a ton of power in HS FP free lunch here.

You really just have to go and practice different settings and review the results.

There are books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble that deal with outdoor photography, bird photography, and flash photography, just have to search.

There really is no substitute to just setting up a tripod, mount your lens and camera with flash and take a bunch of test shots of an object at about the same distance and using the focal length you typically will be shooting.  Try different settings until you gain confidence with the results.  Not sure what mode you shoot in either? M, A, S, or P?  I have read that the best way to get TTL BL to work correctly is: 1) outside and 2) your camera in P mode.  I have not verified this statement though.  I tend to never use TTL BL, but prefer to use straight TTL and balance it myself.


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