Rangefinder on the way....

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Re: Rangefinder on the way....

originalhype wrote:

lol @ people defending m43.

sigh, seriously I do not understand why it is so hard to NOT make a m43 that has a rangefinder design.

1. it will not be bulky if there is an evf with tilt screen AS SHOWN BY NEX 6 AND NEX 7.

2. left evf will be a problem for left eye dominants. in from the 60s to 80s, we never had problems with those and those cameras had the VF on left side. so why should it be a problem now?

3. no humps will be needed if there is an evf, again look at nex 7. as for OMD, it was poor design, it would be just a bit wider, it to would be possible.

4. m43 sensor IS SMALLER THAN APSC which NEX 7 has and nex 7 has a bigger sensor and still manage to have a tilt screen and BUILT IN EVF, what is panasonic and Olympus excuses?

in before fanboys defends their m43 gear and telling me its impossible to make a rangefinder bodies with m43.

But if the NEX7 meets these requirements already, does that make the NX7 a "digital rangefinder" or "rangefinder style body?" I really don't understand what digital rangefinder means. If the rangefinder was the focusing mechanism, and all digital cameras have autofocus, then what makes a digital camera a rangefinder?


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