Equivalent focal length for MFT lenses

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Re: Equivalent focal length for MFT lenses

JeanPierre Martel wrote:

draleks wrote:

If I have an MFT 300 mm f/6.7 lens, and a full format 600mm f/6.7 lens that is of a worse manufacturing quality and just happens to be twice as soft as the MFT lens. Then, on equal ISO values, those two lenses will be an exact match. Right?

A native 300mm m4/3 lens has exactly the same narrow angle of view as a 600mm lens on a full frame camera.

A F/6,7 lens is always a F/6,7 lens.

I think this is where people get confused about equivalents. You are right, the actual aperture does not change, BUT NEITHER DOES THE ACTUAL FOCAL LENGTH. What we are talking about when comparing to FF is the equivalent field of view and depth of field that results form the smaller sensor size. A 300mm f6.7 lens is always a 300mm f6.7 lens, but the equivalent FF lens would be 600mm f13.

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