Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

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Hipster cred.

bseng wrote:

What are some reasons why someone would shoot 35mm film over a DSLR. Can you extract higher image quality from 35mm?

I'm having flashbacks of high expense and far less fun. Don't bring me back to those days, ok? And I'm not getting into the image quality argument

But let's be fair.

Some prefer the look.

And that look can vary depending on what they're using or processing.

I can accept that some appreciate that film does things differently or uniquely or in the style they want, or they are selling their services on that difference or simply enjoy it privately. No two radically dissimilar technologies are going to be the same. So whatever floats their boat.

Just like some prefer to listen to vinyl records, and I'm not making wisecracks here; there are valid reasons, both technical and just plain nostalgia or 'different' reasons.

Some love getting involved in the process. Some separate their business from others by shooting film and giving a different look. Some love the smells, the whatevers.

But don't bring me back to those days, OK?

Promise me you'll never say the F word again.

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