i've selected manual focus on my nex-7. but pictures are coming blurry. what settings?

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Re: i've selected manual focus on my nex-7. but pictures are coming blurry. what settings?

Depending on focal length, you can rely on peaking without magnification lens when you are stopped down (higher aperture value). E.g. when shooting outdoors at f/5.6, focus peaking is sufficient to get your picture at normal FLs. You will notice that a large amount of your subject will light up in peaking (DOF is large).

With a fast lens, using wide open (low aperture value), focus peaking will not give you sufficient accuracy, you have to use the magnification zoom, and also assure no camera (breathing in/out) movement.

In old camera techniques, you would use the wide-open MF method to assure proper focus point, and then dial the aperture back for maximum DOF - this to assure you full control of the focus. You kind of can achieve this if you turn live-view off and use MF focusing mode - this way, the camera will show you the image at the widest aperture, and show you the stopped down view when you half-press the shutter button. Focus peaking and (auto) magnification zoom are active as well.

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i was searching about the focusing topic and like to share my experiences with the nex 7 and the e-mount 1.8/50.

I've tried two variations and any of the programs A S M:

1. Live Display = On.

The lens always stops down to the selected f-stop. So there is no possibility to use the manual way, if you're going to use something up from f8. There DOF is to large, to find the exact point, which is physically there.

2. Live Display = Off.

You pointed out, that the lens then remains at the widest aperture until you press the button half the way. This is what I would expect, but sadly this isn't the case. You can see this easily by looking into the lens and changing the ambient light. It adapts to the light. (I've set the ISO to 200.) Then, if you push the button half, the camera stops to the selected f-stop. Depending on the light, up or down. So there is only a chance to get the 1.8 if its dark. This has nothing to do with the exposure time.


The only way to focus at full open lens, that means 1.8, is to switch the f-stop to 1.8, after this stop down to the f-stop you like. And I promise: The situation is gone or the focus is lost again.

In my opinion, this isn't correct. And the manual focus isn't usable the most of the time. Remember, in the past days it was like that: Focusing with open aperture, and if the camera was a bit better there was a button to stop down the lens. Thats the behavior i would expect.



BTW: I'm using the latest firmware.

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