Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: I like Windows 8. Finally..

Franglais91 wrote:

I installed Windows 8 on my main laptop when it was first released because I needed to know it as a Microsoft Partner. And I wasn't impressed.

Then I bought a Windows 8 RT Surface for much the same reason. I thought it was cute but no software and no buyers.

Three months later - the Surface has become my main machine for day-to-day tasks like Mail and lightweight Office. I carry it around with me almost all the time.

- I've switched to using the Surface user interface for most tasks (the DPReview site shortcut is now a Tile on my desktop).

- My main laptop has the same user interface as the Surface (via my Hotmail account). It's relegated to powerhouse tasks (Lightroom, picture management). I just deinstalled Office

- I'm using the Windows Store to find applications.

Surprise. It was the Surface that did the trick. When you have a touchscreen system then Windows 8 starts to make sense.

Personally, I'm confused why Microsoft isn't making a bigger push for new types of peripherals for desktops.

I think they (Microsoft and their hardware partners) are getting lost in all the new types of portable computing forms that can be had with Windows 8 (which are sometimes quite good, like the Surface) and are ignoring all the possibilities that could be had on the desktop.

Imagine having a small 6-7" touchscreen device that sits at desk level, is used as a mouse, can accept pen input, and can act as the place where your metro screen lives, while your desktop stays on your main monitor.  Like a cross between Apple's Magic Touchpad and a Cintique.  I think that would be pretty nifty.

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